Wedding Packages


Ease, grace & joy

Jen works with the select few who are serious about incorporating the sacred into their ceremony.

Jen performs weddings in and around Charlottesville, Virginia.

Same sex, interracial and interfaith couples welcome.

Languages spoken fluently: English & French.





Submit up to three potential dates for your wedding and Jen will select the most auspicious one for you based on planetary alignments.



Jen will help you design and experience sacred ceremony. She offers support from writing the ceremony, to editing the language, to rehearsing, to officiating.




How will you and your partner grow together as a couple? Identify your superpowers, pitfalls, communication styles, soul paths and more. Consults and written reports available.

You have knowledge of the spiritual and a knack for smooth gentle guidance. You take gentle inventory of personalities, soothe people with your insights and optimism, and put my mind at ease. Your confident tone and manner set the stage for a ceremony of reverence in the middle of a loud and crowded place. I couldn’t have imagined anything more lovely for my wedding ceremony.
— Happy Bride & Groom, Charlottesville, Virginia