I can’t thank you enough for being you and providing a safe, creative, nourishing space for us to be present in our bodies. I feel radiant. I am transformed. This weekend will be a memory I will treasure and love forever.
— Portal to Pleasure: Women’s Retreat Participant, Washington, DC

Thank you for being such a great mentor to me this year. I truly admire you and all that you do. You have influenced me in such a positive way and helped me get through a lot of tough issues this year. I love the painting you gave me for graduation. It shows you really do know me and I can’t thank you enough.
— Charlottesville, Va

Jen Waine did a wonderful job encouraging wellness in a way that magnified our daughter’s natural abilities. Ms. Waine was able to connect to her on many levels and really understood where she was coming from. As a result, my daughter felt understood at a time when many teens think no one can understand. Thank you Ms. Waine!
— Charlottesville, Va

Having Jen examine the charts of my partner and I brought me a sense of relief as she emphasized the stability inherent in our connection. I gained insight into how we communicate. I was especially grateful to Jen for helping me see and practice new ways to support my partner.
— New York, NY

Jen will help you connect with the parts of you that sorely need to be heard and freed. She does so with a beautiful gentleness and reminds me that magic is real. She is far better than a therapist. She will definitely put your mind at ease and give you tools to help you after the session is over.
— Naples, Florida


My path crossed thousands of miles away with a true queen of all things cosmic! I’m in the UK and Jen is in the states but I loved her posts and after seeking her guidance about my current situation and discovering what absolutely amazing services she offers, I was hooked. I was so overwhelmed but from the moment Skype connected it was clear why this connection happened. I felt like I had known her my entire life, she gave me an amazing reading of my natal chart, it was informative, thorough and so interesting! I came away empowered, excited and I can’t wait for my next Skype with her. Thank you Jen - your generosity and skills are second to none, thank you so much I’m eternally grateful
— London, England

Je n’imaginais pas à quel point l’astrologie pouvait aider à mieux se connaître. Ces quelques séances ont été sources d’apaisement et de réconfort. Elle m’ont apporté des clés de lecture sur moi-même et mes relations avec mes proches.”
”I couldn’t imagine the degree to which astrology can help us know ourselves. These sessions were a source of peace and comfort. They brought me keys to unlock my relationships with myself and those closest to me.
— Paris, France

When the session ended, I felt lighter and more grounded all at once.
I highly recommend Jen’s very mindful work, especially for anyone feeling stuck or in pain — physical or otherwise.
— St John, Virgin Islands

I am a 30-something woman going through a lot of changes including a career transition and a separation. I have always had a problem relaxing since I was a child but with everything happening in my life right now, it is even doubly challenging. I am also not very good at opening up to people, so it was a surprise when I found myself opening up to Jen Waine.
Jen is a truly gifted practitioner. She has an amazing gift for putting people at ease. After our hour and a half session, I was more relaxed than I had been in a very long time.
It’s obvious she enjoys her work and providing people with help as they face transitions. She deserves the praise she receives from her clients.
I decided to book another session immediately after seeing her.
— Charlottesville, Va

The water ceremony at the Shensara festival brought peace into my soul. Powerful star magic, full of love and light. So grateful. - Columbia, SC

When our daughter was just a couple of weeks old we were honored to have Jen come to our home for a family chart reading. She opened our time with a sweet blessing and then spent the hour delving into the sun, moon and ascendants in my astrological birth chart, my husband’s, and our baby’s. It was a pleasure to learn how astrology offers such a rich vocabulary for exploring and appreciating relationships. Jen is an exceptional and loving guide.
— Charlottesville, Va

Working with Jen, and her deeply attuned gifts in both yoga and astrology, is a perfect blend of alignment and healing. An hour with her is like being bathed in a flowing fountain of golden light and wisdom.
— Santa Barbara, Ca

There are many, many yoga instructors, but there are a select few who actually make a lasting contribution to the quality of one’s life outside of the studio setting. Jen Waine is one of those distinctive instructors who has made and continues to make a profound difference in the quality of my life.
— Charlottesville, VA

Deeply human, humble and wise, Jen has a magic about her. She is unafraid of holding a shattered heart. My life has been altered by sessions with her.
— Batesville, VA

I saw my psychiatrist and general doctor. You are more effective than both of them.
— Charlottesville, VA

I got to spend my teen years doing yoga and French with Madame Waine and I am better for it. I got an A in French and a better way to cope with anxiety. So that was definitely a win win. Yoga day was my absolute favorite day and some of my best high school memories. And more then that Madame Waine instilled a love of yoga in me. She made it about learning and sharing and pure love. Even now that my joints have taken most of yoga away from me, I still find myself using what she taught me. Yoga Is the gift that keeps on giving and Jen Waine is the Santa of yoga.
— Charlottesville, VA