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Don’t move the way fear makes you move.
Move the way love makes you move.
Move the way joy makes you move.
— Osho


Jen's gift of wellness coaching helps humans arrive at a peaceful, expansive yet grounded state of being.

Jen's journey though movement, mindfulness, and spiritual practices has helped her cultivate tools that have brought her a more peaceful way of moving through the human realm. She enjoys sharing her toolbox with students and clients across the globe.

Jen began to dance at the age of three. Growing up in New York City, she saw "42nd St" on Broadway twelve times. As an adult, she fell in love with the choreography of yoga.

She discovered that movement is infused with power that transports us to the realm of joy.

In 2013 Jen became one of the first in the world to be certified in Yogastrology®, the melding of the ancient sister practices of yoga and astrology. The Sun and Moon illuminate the zodiac sign that they currently inhabit. We examine the "personality" or energy of those signs, their body correlations and how to align with these energies on and off the mat to experience greater ease, joy and peace.

Jen went on to study Evolutionary Astrology with Maurice Fernandez and Adam Sommer. She also studied Shamanic Astrology with Donna Woodwell.

Many clients choose to utilize Jen's knowledge of astrology to gain a deeper understanding of their superpowers, challenges, soul's path, communication style and more.

Clients report feeling calm, empowered, grounded and peaceful after gaining astrological insights from Jen. Her soothing presence helps guide those in need of support with anxiety and overwhelm to a more grounded, easeful way of walking this earth.

Jen facilitates on-line courses, webinars and retreats for women that meld astrology and personal growth. She has led Aphrodite journeys for women to examine their power. A guide for clients who have the courage to dive deeply into their psyche, Jen is honored to help safely explore dark passageways. Once on the other side, these women resurface to the jewels of healing and transformation as well as empowering shifts in relationships and intimacy.

"Nourish Your Moon" has been a popular annual on-line offering for those looking for a simple way to understand astrology, feel it in the body and use astrology for practical applications. "Portal to Pleasure: Women’s Retreat" was a revolutionary retreat in the Spring of 2018, followed by “Portal to Power: Women’s Retreat” in the Fall of 2018. Both events focused on aligning with the energies of Venus. Jen's "Moon Mavens" New Moon, Full Moon and Eclipse webinars and on-line community offer support in navigating cycles and intensity.

Another one of Jen's passions is ceremony. She offers ceremony to honor cycles including the New Moon, Full Moon, Eclipse, Equinox and Solstice. Jen also leads end of life gatherings, space blessings/clearings and officiates weddings.

Jen shares her writing as a source of connection, to be of service and ultimately experience unity and peace. In April 2016, she published her first ebook entitled "Romancing the Retrogrades: How to Move Forward when Five Planets are Moving Backward." Each year she publishes a "Star Report," an astrological overview of the year and how to best align with the transits moving through. The 2019 Star Report is now available. She regularly pens a "Cosmic Love Letter" for free for subscribers around the globe. This inbox love helps navigate current star cycles.

An educator, Jen has been teaching French to teenagers for twenty years. Coaching teens is an organic extension of Jen's teaching. Jen coaches high school girls who desire support with stress reduction and anxiety navigation. Teen classes and retreats provide sanctuary for young women. The girls develop their voice and share their heart in a safe space that cultivates community, sistarhood and wellness. Jen has also brought yoga and mindfulness into local elementary schools and to groups of educators.

Jen serves as a guide to help all beings access divinity and sanctuary. She enjoys helping her clients infuse the sacred into everyday life as well as building bridges with Self and Community to cultivate deeper peace.



∞ Hammocks, cathedrals, Paris, dance floors, the creek, snow globes, Ethiopian food ∞

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