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Introduction to Yogastrology® Initiation

Moore Street Studio, Richmond, Virginia
Wednesday, June 28

Yogastrology® mat class: 7-8pm

Ceremonial bonfire: 8-9pm

Join us on the mat as we build a bridge between body, stars and breath.

Each zodiac sign is correlated to a part of your physical body. Since the Sun is in Cancer, Cancer effects the chest, so we will incorporate heart opening poses. With the Moon in Virgo, Virgo effects the low abdomen, we’ll weave in belly back bend poses to allow our stomach to be massaged by the earth.

Through this slow to medium paced, grounding practice you’ll receive a taste of how the body and stars align that will welcome you exactly where you are, as you are. By making this celestial to physical body connection, we tap into something greater than ourselves, creating opportunity for healing and peace.

This Hatha yoga practice is open to all levels including beginners with no previous yoga or astrology knowledge.

Doors open at 6:30pm. Class starts promptly at 7pm.

Ceremonial Bonfire immediately following close of class.

Event wraps up at 9pm.

Please bring an energy expression source: an instrument or song, a reading, poem or intention

embodying the Cancer theme of “Sanctuary.”

**Love offerings welcome and appreciated**


Space is limited to 12-ish people.

To register: go to the "Contact" page and shoot me an email saying you are definitive. I'll reply to confirm receipt.

Arrive early to secure your spot.

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/856126827883406/

Location information: http://www.shannonharrison.com/moore-street-studio


If you really dig this offering and want to keep digging, I invite you to attend my Yogastrology® Initiation training

at Moore Street Studio August 4-6, 2017.


To register for the August training go to:






Star Talk & Water Ceremony in the River
Saturday, July 22 at noon
in Luray, Va


Swim in the River of Stars

Dark of the Moon Cancer energy, incoming New Moon in Leo and Eclipse season

River Ritual

Powerful, memorable, connective Drink of Beauty and Tribe in the Heart of Summer
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Yogastrology® Training

August 4-6, 2017

Richmond, Virginia

Learn astrology through the divinity that is your body and yoga.

Learn how to build bridges between these ancient sister systems.

For those who wish to teach Yogastrology® and/or deepen their knowledge of the sky,

body correlations and much more.


To register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/yogastrology-initiation-training-tickets-35518148739




On line course offering:

For those who desire an introduction to astrology.

An on-line astrology course called



 Have you been wanting to Taste the Sky?

 The Moon moves through all 12 zodiac signs in one month.

 The word “Month” is derived from “Moon."

Main Dish

  Join me on a journey through the constellations as we taste all 12 zodiac signs.

  The Moon moves through one sign every 2 to 2 1/2 days.

  You receive an email every 2-3 days.

  Each email helps you align with the energies of the Moon during that window.

  You’ll get insight on the sign, the element, the planetary ruler & the body correlation.

  Tips on what nourishes you when & how to delight in the lunar moment.

  Taste the flavor of the emotional backdrop available to us all & gain a deeper understanding of cycles and how to flow with them.


  You’ll receive videos that only course members receive for the New Moon, Full Moon and Dark of the Moon.

  The videos contain rituals for each of these sacred portals during the lunation cycle.


Nourish Your Moon ~

3 videos

12 emails

Learn all 12 signs

New Moon, Full Moon, Dark of the Moon wisdom


=> $108


Personalize Your Learning ~

  Moon Shot:  Look to the moon placement in your natal chart to better understand what nourishes & nurtures you.

    => 20 minute consult, $35

  Sky Cocktail:  Moon Shot plus Sun Spritzer and Rising Ale.  Learn about your Moon, Sun and Rising signs in your natal chart.  Illumination of superpowers & pitfalls.

    =>  45 minute consult, $65

(These special rates are only for Nourish Your Moon members.  Regular rates: 30 minutes is $75 and 60 minutes is $110.)


Still hungry?

  I’ll provide information on: the best moon app out there, the best physical calendar and a highly accessible book for those who wish to delve deeper and become moon trackers.

No previous astrology knowledge needed.

We begin Thursday, May 25 (on the New Moon).


To register:

Email me at jen@jenwaine.com or hit the "Book Now" button on the contact page to shoot me an email and we'll get you set up.

With sparkling anticipation ; )

*Registration for "Nourish Your Moon" has closed. Please join us for the next online offering.