Photo credit: @irinadzhul on Instagram

Photo credit: @irinadzhul on Instagram

fall 2018 Events

∞ Portal to Power: Women’s Retreat featuring Yogastrology® ∞

~ Feel Goooood in Your Body, Reawaken Your Power ~

Friday 4pm - Sunday noon, October 26-28

*under the beams of the Taurus Full Moon*

Safe, inclusive, warm, restorative space to dwell in and unfold your authentic, unapologetic Self.

Be seen, heard and celebrated as the beautiful soul you truly are in all your light and dark glory.

Alchemy, Transmutation, Resilience, Healing, Authenticity, Intimacy & P O W E R.

Sacred circle on sacred land. Connection with tribe of Sistars.


Ritual, workshops, a deep drink of nature, down time, bonfire & goodies sprinkled throughout the three day, two night retreat.

All 5 meals included & lovingly prepared by Marcie Martinez:

~ Dinner Friday night, Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Saturday & Brunch on Sunday


*Samba & The Second Chakra with Christina Klee Kilbane

Wiggle your second chakra free into pure delight. No previous dance experience necessary.

Christina breaks it down in an easy and fun way. Super fun.

*The Science of Desire with Aurianna Joy

Through the lens of science and the spirit of play, we will explore and expand our sensory awareness of what invigorates our soul and uplifts our spirit. By having an embodied knowing of how your body experiences joy, you will have a greater capacity to access your innate creativity and greater ability to manifest your true heart’s desires. When you have a deeper understanding of your desires and how they function in the body, you can bring that awareness into the bedroom.

*The Yogastrology® of The Phoenix Rising with Jen Waine

Shamanic Hatha yoga accessible to all levels and bodies.

A highly restorative deep dive into yoga + astrology of the season.

Journaling and meditation in the Creek Temple.

Ceremony by the water.


Sanctuary at a private residence in Afton, Virginia.

Conveniently located an easy 10 mile drive from the Crozet exit on 64.

Accommodations included. Your choice of camping (bring your own tent/gear) on the property OR

group slumber party in the yoga room (bring air mattress/gear).

This property offers many opportunities to enjoy nature. There is a creek house on the stream where we will meditate.

Explore numerous hidden alcoves on the property as well as beautiful nooks consecrated to ceremony and bonfires.


Want to taste our Fall retreat for an evening?

Friday, October 26: 6-10pm

Samba, Ceremony & Good Eats

One hour Samba class with the amazing Christina Klee Kilbane.

Enjoy a glorious meal prepared with love by Marcellones Marcietinez.

Ceremony provided by Jen Waine.


Friday night community night: $45

Early-Bird pricing (Tier 1) through September 24: $395

September 24 – October 5 (Tier 2): $425

October 6 + thereafter (Tier 3): $445

Payment installments available.

Limited partial work/study available.

Eventbrite will charge a small fee for their service.


Looking forward to playing in the wild with a beautiful group of Sistars,


Yoga, Astrology & Wellness with Jen Waine
Instagram: jen_waine

Summer 2018 Events


Summer Solstice Retreat 2018: Yogastrology® & Ceremony

I'm excited for a beautiful gathering of souls
to come together to celebrate
*Summer Solstice*
Saturday, June 23 from 10am-4pm
on the sacred land of
Bridge Between the Worlds in Keswick, Va.

You are invited to delight in:

*Yogastrology® ~ a blend of Yoga & Astrology on the mat ~ Hatha yoga practice that is accessible to all levels & all bodies, slow to medium pace, restorative & energizing & all levels of astrology background

*Water Ceremony ~ partake in powerful ceremony in the lake ~ go as deep as you wish

*Astrologically-themed Potluck ~ take in the bounty of the earth to nourish your soul

*Star Talk ~ discover the sky alignment of the Solstice and beyond & how to use these energies to enjoy greater peace & ease

*White Adornment ~ bedeck your skin with your finest white satin, silk, lace & enter into powerful ancient, mystical ceremony

* * * *

You’ll also have a large swath of free time to enjoy the finery of the estate:

*take a dip in the outdoor hottub

*soak in one of two outdoor clawfoot tubs

*canoe on the lake

*relax in the sauna

*walk/bike the nature trails

*ride the breeze of the swing at the gazebo

*meditate/journal in the ceremony/yoga room

 * * * *

Time to delight in community and deeply restore and replenish self during the auspicious portal of Summer Solstice.

* * * *

This retreat is designed for women & those who identify as women.

* * * *


For those who feel called to be there & dive right in: $108 (until the end of Memorial Day weekend 5/28).

Only for participants currently enrolled in my Moon course, a discount for you: $108 (through the event on 6/23 or until spaces fill)

Relax, renew & receive: $125 (registration 5/29 through the event on 6/23 or until spaces fill)

Limited spaces available.

Registration now open:

* * * *
Blessings to you & your summer celebrations.

With love,

SPRING 2018 Events



   :: An Introduction to Astrology via The Moon ::


When I plan events, I look to the Moon.

Ask my friends. When I do pretty much anything, I look to the Moon.

The Moon gives me important clues as to how I’ll feel every two days.


When I want to up my self care, have a meeting, plan an event, the Moon guides me as to when doing so will feel best AND how to do so.

I planned and led a wildly delicious Women’s Retreat recently .. in large part around the Moon!


We begin on the New Moon: Tuesday, May 15.

This coming New Moon is in Taurus.

Taurus = Feeling Yummy in the Body.

Much of the course happens when the Sun is in Gemini.

Gemini = the absolute BEST time to learn. We are naturally inquisitive when this energy is prominent.


This is my signature course.

You’ll receive 12 lessons via email that you access when you have time.

You’ll also receive 3 videos to view. Again, when the time is good for you.

Astrology 101 in your inbox via the moon cycle.


  Want to Taste the Sky?

  Learn how to tap into the energies available to us.

  Feel nourished & satisfied.

  Know when it is the right time to take action.

  Connect deeply with the Moon as she moves through all 12 zodiac signs in one month (moonth).

  Learn astrology through your body.

  Feel the stars.



  Journey through the constellations as we taste all 12 zodiac signs.

  The Moon moves through one sign every 2ish days.

  You receive a lesson in the form of an email every 2-3 days => each time the Moon enters a new zodiac sign.

  Each lesson helps you align with the energies of the Moon during that window.

  Receive insights on the sign, the element, the planetary ruler, the body correlation & more.



*what nourishes you when

*how to delight in the moment

*how to plan ahead for success



You’ll receive videos that only course members receive for the New Moon, Full Moon and Dark of the Moon.

 The videos contain rituals for each of these sacred portals during the lunation cycle.



12 lessons via email

Learn all 12 signs

3 videos

New Moon, Full Moon, Dark of the Moon Wisdom


=> $108 (Early Bird)



Add on a 60 minute natal chart reading to better understand YOUR Moon & what nourishes you. Discounted for course participants.



  I’ll provide information on: the best moon app out there, the best physical calendar and a highly accessible book for those who wish to delve deeper and become moon trackers.


No previous astrology knowledge needed.

We begin Tuesday, May 15 (on the New Moon).




Portal to Pleasure Women’s Retreat Participants (only for the women who recently attended my retreat)

   *Nourish Your Moon = > $108

   *Deeply Discounted 60 minute Natal Chart Reading (when enrolled in course) = > $108 (Usually $150!)

   *Bundle Nourish Your Moon & Discounted 60 minute Natal Chart Reading = > $216


 Early Bird Participants:

   *Nourish Your Moon = > $108

   *Discounted 60 minute Natal Chart Reading (when enrolled in course) = > $125 (Usually $150!)

   *Bundle Nourish Your Moon & Discounted 60 minute Natal Chart Reading = > $233       

   **Early bird is good through Tuesday 5/8**


Regular Participants:

  *Nourish Your Moon = > $138

  *Discounted 60 minute Natal Chart Reading (when enrolled in course) = > $125 (Usually $150!)

  *Bundle Nourish Your Moon & Discounted 60 minute Natal Chart Reading = > $263           

   **Sign up Wednesday 5/9 – Tuesday 5/15**

***Course begins Tuesday 5/15***



Now open on Eventbrite:


Q & A

Q: Do you do refunds?

A: This offering is one from my heart so please understand that refunds are not a thing. My wish is for you to enter, receive, learn and enjoy.

Q: Are there any additional fees?

A: Yes. Eventbrite adds on a small fee. They gotta eat too ; )

If you have other questions, feel free to ask me at


I look forward to Feasting on the Moon with you all: all humans welcome! Men, Women, & humans who prefer not to subscribe to binary systems. If you are a Star Being & you crave Star Juice, join us! : )

With sparkling anticipation,




Let's get our VENUS on.

3 days, 2 nights during the Scorpio Full Moon:

∞ Portal to Pleasure: A Women’s Retreat ∞

at A Bridge Between the Worlds

in Keswick, VA (30 min from Charlottesville)

Friday, April 27 at 4pm – Sunday, April 29 at noon


May all of the beautiful women who join us feel:
& enjoy being a goddess in a human vessel


It is through the body that we experience DIVINITY.

We’ll treat our body to yoga, dance, decadent nourishment, and nature.


We’ll feed our minds with astrology.

We’ll learn why this weekend bows to Venus and gives us a much needed break from the intense astrology of this Spring.

We’ll have a chance to learn about the wisdom of our bodies from a Women's Health Educator and how to attract abundant dollars from a Prosperity Coach.

We’ll unplug our brains from daily life and technology to rest + replenish.


We’ll feed our souls with connection to each other + our highest selves.

We’ll drink in the sacred land and vibration that is A Bridge Between the Worlds.


This retreat honors a rare star alignment that infuses these three days with Venus, known for: beauty, sweetness, sensuality, love and harmony.

This retreat embodies both the sweet and sultry side of Venus. Opportunities to flex both the light and dark side of your inner Aphrodite.

Play with your edges, dare, learn and explore in ways you’ve craved in the safe space provided.

Time to connect with Sistars, Self, Nature. Time for play, movement, learning & rest.

Get your holy + wild on +

Take pleasure to a whole new level.



This retreat is for women + those who identify as female. Inclusive of all sexual orientations + those still figuring it out. A safe place to simply be exactly as you are. Come solo or with a friend. All activities are completely optional. Do what feels GOOD to you.

Accommodations, workshops, Sacred Circle, Ceremony, Yogastrology®, meditation, Conscious dance, Full Moon Frolic, downtime to relax & renew, outdoor hot tub, indoor infrared sauna, trails, biking, lake, canoe, potluck, outdoor fire pit & more.

*"Intimate Body Knowledge" with Sabr Bordeau ~ *“Sweet + Sultry” optional Photo Shoots with Laura Dillon Rogers* ~ *“Pleasurable Prosperity: Abundant Finances” with Aurianna Joy* ~ *"Arousing Edibles" with Marcie Martinez* ~ *“The Venus Influx: Sun in Taurus/Moon in Libra/Uranus in Taurus Yogastrology® mat practice & Star Talk” with Jen Waine*

Located 30 minutes from Charlottesville in Keswick, Virginia, “A Bridge Between the Worlds” run by Maggie McIlvaine offers a private, sacred estate to relax, renew, learn, heal, and connect with Sistars and Nature.


Guests are welcome to enjoy slumber party style accommodations in the sacred yoga/altar space. Bring a comfy nest set up to cozy into. If you prefer to bring a tent and camp outdoors, that option is open to you as well.

Upgrade for an extra charge. For those who wish to reserve a room, room prices vary from $85-100/night. If you would like a listing of the upgrade options, please contact me at


Friday night will be a themed potluck. You’ll also be asked to bring some items to share for Saturday and Sunday. Expect some delicious surprises.


A full list of what to bring will be sent to participants upon registration. Please note that this is a substance free event.



Arrive at 4pm and settle in at your leisure. Explore, unpack, relax.
We begin our Circle at 6pm.
*Opening Ceremony
    ** Meditation, Movement, Ritual + Astrologically themed Potluck

*“Intimate Body Knowledge” with Sabr Bordeau*
Always wanted to know something about your body/pleasure/sex/birth/more, but too scared to ask? A safe place to get your questions answered. You are invited to anonymously drop a question in the box at the beginning of the Portal to Pleasure retreat, to start a conversation about anything from pap smears to kink!
*“The Venus Influx: Sun in Taurus/Moon in Libra/Uranus in Taurus Yogastrology® mat practice & Star Talk” with Jen Waine*

A slow to medium, restorative Hatha practice that meets you where you are. Yogastrology® offers star talk intermingled with movement. Illuminating why this is the ultimate Venus weekend & how to juice it to the fullest. Insights on upcoming transits as well. As above, so below.
*“Pleasurable Prosperity: Abundant Finances” with Aurianna Joy*

Aurianna Joy will be guiding us on an experiential journey Pleasurable Prosperity! We’ll be learning the energetics of money and diving deep into our own money story through journaling, visualization, and ritual to create space for more prosperity to flow to us and through us.
*Afternoon of Downtime*
Rest, read, relax, bike, canoe, hot tub, sauna, meditate, solo or in company.
*"Alluring Edibles" with Marcie Martinez*
Awaken your sensory experience through the pleasure of chocolate.
Guiding you through the exploration of scent, taste and touch.
Learn about the effects of raw cacao and herbs to enhance your well being.
Together we will make these easy dairy and gluten free tantalizing treats.
Release your inhibitions and trust as we exchange these creations as sacred offerings to one another.

*“Sweet + Sultry” Optional Photo Shoots with Laura Dillon Rogers*
Group shots illuminating the sweet side and sexy side of our inner Aphrodite. There is a theme for “Sweet” that unites us. There is an invitation for “Sultry.” More info provided in packing list sent to participants.


*Full Moon Ritual*

Bonfire. Scorpio Ritual. Power. Release.

*Conscious Dance*
Scorpio playlist. A bit dark. A bit sexy. Dance solo or with someone as you feel called.
*Full Moon Frolic*
Time to wild in the woods. Optional.
*Closing Circle*
  ** Trinket Exchange
  ** Meditation, Movement, Ritual
  ** Brunch
Closing hugs at noon.
Infuse the “Real World” with your Venusian glow.
(Schedule remains open to surprises.)




Early-Bird price through March 31: $250

As of April 1: $325


$75 Friday pass

$150 Saturday pass

$75 Sunday pass

Any additional fees? Eventbrite will charge a fee. The only other potential fee is if you choose a room upgrade.


Please note there are no refunds. This event is set up with love to foster a community of love. Thank you for honoring that.



Now open on Eventbrite:

A limited number of spaces await women who are ready to UP their PLEASURE game.

Looking forward to playing with you during this holy and auspicious Venusian “Pleasure Portal.”

Warmly, Jen




***2018 Love ***


Eclipse Webinars for women (those who identify as such)

Let's hold sacred circle together on the Eclipses!


Eclipses are 10x more powerful than New/Full Moons.

So let's use the energy available to us.


*drop deep into meditation

*discuss the astrology of the heavens

*share ritual on the Full Lunar Eclipse & New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Those who wish can then continue the threads in the Facebook Moon Maven forum to share support & inspiration betwixt calls.

Thereafter, it is my intention to hold New Moon Webinars so that we may set intentions & share ritual together as we build community & engage in sacred circle.


~ Eclipse Webinars Dates ~

Join us for our next Sacred Circle:

Thursday Feb 15 New Moon Eclipse Webinar

7-8pm Est


*open with a grounding meditation to set sacred space

*dive deep into the energy of this New Moon: Aquarius
*planetary co-rulers
*body correlation
*gentle Yogastrology® ~ casual yoga together ~ a pose or two to align with the energy (no mat needed, regular clothes are fine)

*how to develop intentions that align with
*the New Moon
*a New Moon/Solar Eclipse
*a South Node occurence

*discussion & sharing about how the eclipses affect us

*closing meditation

Wish to be there but booked at that time? You can register and receive the recording.

The recording will be available to all who register.


This month is sliding scale as the Eclipse energies are kaflooey and we can all use a lil extra love.


Limited work/study available. Please inquire if interested.

Sistars, if you'd like to register, please send in fee directly to:

Once payment is received, I'll send you a link to our Zoom meeting.

This webinar will be a live recorded call and the recording will be available.

I look forward to sharing sacred circle with you.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Yoga, Astrology & Wellness with Jen Waine
Instagram: jen_waine

"Don't move the way fear makes you move. Move the way love makes you move. Move the way joy makes you move." ~ Osho



"2018 Star Report: The Earth Lotus" now available

35 pages of cosmic guidance to help work with the cosmic mojo available to us.

An easy to follow, personal, intimate guide written for everyone from the astro newbee to the wellseasoned star glider.

Everything from trends you can expect to see to golden portals of opportunity to help you manifest your goals.

From leveling up to fashion forward frolicking to water protection, it is all here.

Packed with prompts for journaling/reflection, pro-tips, yoga poses, personal anecdotes and much more.


2018 Star Report OVERVIEW:

1.     Saturn in Capricorn

2.     Jupiter in Scorpio

3.     Jupiter in Sagittarius

4.     Uranus in Taurus

5.     All Planets Direct: Golden Portal

6.     Retrogrades

a)    Mars Rx (Rx = retrograde)

b)   Venus Rx

c)    Mercury Rx

7.     Eclipses

8.     Nodes of the Moon

9.     Cosmic Calendar

10.  Conclusion: Earth + Water


"Webinar on the Astrology of 2018"


Recording available


Join us as we discuss and explore the astrology of 2018 in a very casual, fun, easy to access chatroom.

No previous astrology knowledge needed.

I will reference the 2018 Star Report.

To get the most out of this Webinar, I recommend that you get a copy and read it prior to our meeting. You are of course welcome to tune in and simply enjoy the chat.


2018 Star Report: $33

2018 Webinar recording: $33

BOTH for $55


Looking for more support in 2018?
If you invest in a Seasonal Wellness, 3 month or 6 month coaching package with me, you get both the Star Report & the Webinar for FREE.


Order ONE:

1) send $35 ($33 plus PayPal fee)

2) specify if you desire to purchase the Star Report or attend the Webinar


Order BOTH:

1) send $58 ($55 plus PayPal fee)


(Please copy and paste this link into your browser. Thank you! It will not allow me to embed the link. I tried!)


If you order the 2018 Star Report, be sure I have your email address or the email address of the person you are gifting it to. It will be sent in PDF format via email.

If you register for the 2018 Live Recorded Webinar, a link to the recording will be sent to you.

The meeting will be recorded and available for those who are not able to attend the live gathering and/or wish to review what we cover.


Holla at me at

Excited to share this with you!
: ) Jen


Archived events:

Sacred Solstice:

Ceremony & Yogastrology®


I am delighted to be offering Solstice Magic infused with Yogastrology® at the exquisite Bridge Between the Worlds in Keswick, Virginia.

Deep gratitude to Margaretta Mcilvaine for hosting our Ceremony.

Join us if you feel called to celebrate the Holy Days with reverence.

∞ Sacred Solstice: Ceremony & Yogastrology® Practice ∞

@ A Bridge between the Worlds
2395 Paddock Wood Road
Keswick, VA 22947

Thursday, December 21

5:30pm Pre-Gathering Elixirs

6:30pm Ceremony & Yogastrology® Mat Practice

7:45pm Bonfire, Smores & Nibbles

9 Goodnight

∞ Come for the ceremonial practice + as much connection as you desire before + after ∞

Peace. Source. Candlelight. Breath. Sun. Moon. Ceremony. Gentle Flow. Sacred. Stillness.

Multi-level Hatha yoga practice. A practice that meets you where you are, just as you are.

No previous astrology knowledge necessary.

Suggested Donation: $20+

About Bridge Between the Worlds:

Bridge Between the Worlds is a center for powerful pathways to healing, restoration, and connection with essence of spirit, with a focus on Transformational Healing work with Margaretta McIlvaine.

The retreat center is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia and is open throughout the year. Our 20-acre site is hidden in the woods by a lake, offering many ways to enjoy and connect with the natural world.

The retreat center aims to bring awareness to the wise and mystical energies that abound.

To find out more & for DIRECTIONS, visit:

I look forward to sharing elixirs, smores, smiles & breath with you on Solstice.

Blessed be,


Treat yo' self. Treat a friend. Give the gift of knowledge, understanding, compassion, relief & empowerment.

:: Nourish Your Moon ::

When we had a New Moon in Gemini in late May 2017, I launched an on-line course called "Nourish Your Moon."

The Moon moves through each zodiac sign every couple days and creates a MOONth after having danced through all 12 signs.

When you study the Moon and learn to embody these energies, you have a cellular first hand knowledge of astrology.

Tracking the Moon is an excellent way to learn astrology 101.

I've made "Nourish Your Moon" into an Ebook with 3 accompanying videos that guide you on how to maximize your time, energy, activities and rituals for the New Moon, Full Moon & Dark of the Moon.

You can purchase "Nourish Your Moon" Ebook & 3 videos 

         = $108


Written reports

For Individuals:

*Full Illumination with Sparklers*

Sun, Moon, Rising PLUS North/South Node Soul Path Contract + More in written report form

PLUS 60 minute consultation

For more details on what these reports include, check out the listing on the Offerings page. A limited number of written reports are still available prior to 12/25. Email me to inquire. For Couples (partners/parent & child/business colleagues/best friends) Me + Honey + Us + ConsultSun, Moon, Rising, Mercury (communication) + Nodes (Soul Contracts) PLUS Synthesis of your Signatures and Composite Chart Analysis of Your Relationship PLUS Bonus: Practical Action Steps/Activities to Strengthen Your Relationship PLUS 60 minute consult with me to go over the report with you in person or via Skype to help you understand & integrate the information. Me + Honey + Us + Extended SupportSun, Moon, Rising, Mercury (communication) + Nodes (Soul Contracts) PLUS Synthesis of your Signatures and Composite Chart Analysis of Your Relationship PLUS Bonus: Practical Action Steps/Activities to Strengthen Your Relationship PLUS three 60 minute consults with me to go over the report with you in person or via Skype to help you understand & integrate the information & continued coaching support/accountability for relationships that need a lil more love. Reports are sent electronically via email.Couples reports take on average 4-8 weeks when it is not holiday season. Please inquire by email.


Give the gift of star exploration with me in person or via Skype.

60, 90 minute sessions & packages available.

See "Offerings" page for details.

Gift certificates available.


On line course offering:

:: Red, Hot & Sovereign: Relationships, Intimacy & Power in Astrology ::


= a blend of my star talks (presentation on current transits & how to make the most of them) + an astrology class (basics with some hidden knowledge revealed) + a book club!


“Sovereignty: I am whole and complete unto myself. I have the power and discernment to decide how I want to partner and with whom I choose to partner. I choose myself above all others. Relationships I engage must fall within the boundaries I create out of radical self love.” ~ Lisa C. Adams


A six week investigation of current transits, particularly Jupiter in Scorpio, to:

*understand, align with & use these transits to your benefit

* gain a deeper understanding of how Mars & Venus have pivoted in the sky and what that means for you, your relationships, intimacy & power


Also in this course, we will:

*penetrate the psyche of each zodiac sign

*identify sacred touch zones (aka erogenous zones) of each sign



*We will discuss the book “Learning to Love & The Power of Sexual Spiritual Partnerships” by Victoria L. White & Shalom Melchizedek

**It is recommended that you procure a copy of this text if you would like to make it an element of your experience. It is one of those books where I've been highlighting every other sentence!


Sacred circle:

This is a sacred space for those of the human family who identify as female to gather, discuss, explore and uplift one another. Thank you for entering this sacred circle with reverence and respect for Self, each Other and our quest for knowledge, understanding, growth and transformation. As our guide, I reserve the right to uninvite anyone who is disrespectful to help create and maintain a safe space.


Designed for:

*Beginners to seasoned astrologers

*Those who wish to better understand how they do relationship, intimacy & power

*Those who wish to better understand basic astrology AND how to apply current transits to growth & transformation



We will gather for one hour each Sunday from 5-6pm Est from Sunday, November 5 – Sunday, December 10. We will use Zoom, a video conferencing platform. All classes will be recorded and sent out to participants. If you need to miss a class or you are unable to meet at this time, you are still able to access the course materials. Zoom is free. You will receive a private link to access our meeting on Zoom. If on an iPhone, you’ll need to install the app. If on a computer, the link will direct you to access the application.



Once registered, you will receive:

* discounts on chart readings

* discounts on ebooks I’ve penned: “Nourish Your Moon” & “The 2017 Star Report”


~ Investigate. Decode. Apply. Empower ~


Investment: $108 via PayPal (+$4 fees for the Fine Folx at PayPal, so total of $112)


Registration now open.


To register:

Email me at or hit the "Book Now" button below to shoot me an email and we'll get you set up.

May star powered blessings rain on your crown,

*Registration for "Red, Hot & Sovereign" has closed. Please join us for the next online offering.



Introduction to Yogastrology® Initiation

Moore Street Studio, Richmond, Virginia
Wednesday, June 28

Yogastrology® mat class: 7-8pm

Ceremonial bonfire: 8-9pm

Join us on the mat as we build a bridge between body, stars and breath.

Each zodiac sign is correlated to a part of your physical body. Since the Sun is in Cancer, Cancer effects the chest, so we will incorporate heart opening poses. With the Moon in Virgo, Virgo effects the low abdomen, we’ll weave in belly back bend poses to allow our stomach to be massaged by the earth.

Through this slow to medium paced, grounding practice you’ll receive a taste of how the body and stars align that will welcome you exactly where you are, as you are. By making this celestial to physical body connection, we tap into something greater than ourselves, creating opportunity for healing and peace.

This Hatha yoga practice is open to all levels including beginners with no previous yoga or astrology knowledge.

Doors open at 6:30pm. Class starts promptly at 7pm.

Ceremonial Bonfire immediately following close of class.

Event wraps up at 9pm.

Please bring an energy expression source: an instrument or song, a reading, poem or intention

embodying the Cancer theme of “Sanctuary.”

**Love offerings welcome and appreciated**


Space is limited to 12-ish people.

To register: go to the "Contact" page and shoot me an email saying you are definitive. I'll reply to confirm receipt.

Arrive early to secure your spot.

Facebook event page:

Location information:


If you really dig this offering and want to keep digging, I invite you to attend my Yogastrology® Initiation training

at Moore Street Studio August 4-6, 2017.


To register for the August training go to:





Star Talk & Water Ceremony in the River

Saturday, July 22 at noon

in Luray, Va


Swim in the River of Stars

Dark of the Moon Cancer energy, incoming New Moon in Leo and Eclipse season

River Ritual

Powerful, memorable, connective Drink of Beauty and Tribe in the Heart of Summer
Enter "jen" at checkout to save dinero.





Yogastrology® Training

August 4-6, 2017

Richmond, Virginia

Learn astrology through the divinity that is your body and yoga.

Learn how to build bridges between these ancient sister systems.

For those who wish to teach Yogastrology® and/or deepen their knowledge of the sky,

body correlations and much more.


To register:




Archive on line course offering.

Now available in Ebook format + videos.

For those who desire an introduction to astrology.

An on-line astrology course called



 Have you been wanting to Taste the Sky?

 The Moon moves through all 12 zodiac signs in one month.

 The word “Month” is derived from “Moon."

Main Dish

  Join me on a journey through the constellations as we taste all 12 zodiac signs.

  The Moon moves through one sign every 2 to 2 1/2 days.

  You receive an email every 2-3 days.

  Each email helps you align with the energies of the Moon during that window.

  You’ll get insight on the sign, the element, the planetary ruler & the body correlation.

  Tips on what nourishes you when & how to delight in the lunar moment.

  Taste the flavor of the emotional backdrop available to us all & gain a deeper understanding of cycles and how to flow with them.


  You’ll receive videos that only course members receive for the New Moon, Full Moon and Dark of the Moon.

  The videos contain rituals for each of these sacred portals during the lunation cycle.


Nourish Your Moon ~

3 videos

12 emails

Learn all 12 signs

New Moon, Full Moon, Dark of the Moon wisdom


=> $108


Personalize Your Learning ~

  Moon Shot:  Look to the moon placement in your natal chart to better understand what nourishes & nurtures you.

    => 20 minute consult, $35

  Sky Cocktail:  Moon Shot plus Sun Spritzer and Rising Ale.  Learn about your Moon, Sun and Rising signs in your natal chart.  Illumination of superpowers & pitfalls.

    =>  45 minute consult, $65

(These special rates are only for Nourish Your Moon members.  Regular rates: 30 minutes is $75 and 60 minutes is $110.)


Still hungry?

  I’ll provide information on: the best moon app out there, the best physical calendar and a highly accessible book for those who wish to delve deeper and become moon trackers.

No previous astrology knowledge needed.

We begin Thursday, May 25 (on the New Moon).


To register:

Email me at or hit the "Book Now" button on the contact page to shoot me an email and we'll get you set up.

With sparkling anticipation ; )

*Registration for "Nourish Your Moon" has closed. Please join us for the next online offering.

Now available in Ebook format + videos.