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Appetizer: 30 minute session

Your foundation. Your holy trinity. 

* your Sun sign = how you shine your light onto this earth

 * your Moon sign = what nourishes and nurtures you and helps you feel secure

 * your Rising sign = how you present to the outside world

For those who wish to understand Self more deeply and wish to have the broad strokes.

This gives you the core information of your chart.

A great starting point if you are looking for a taste.

= $85


Main dish: 60 minute session (Standard Consult)

Your foundation. Your holy trinity. 

* your Sun sign = how you shine your light onto this earth

 * your Moon sign = what nourishes and nurtures you and helps you feel secure

 * your Rising sign = how you present to the outside world

60 minutes allows us to go deeper into your wiring:

* North Node & South Node = why you are here, what you are meant to accomplish, what mastery tools you have at your disposal to help you get there

*Aspects Illuminated = each chart has personal signatures that rise to the forefront to give more depth and clarity about your unique wiring

For those who wish to understand Self more deeply and/or the study of astrology.

For clients who wish to have a tune up or if you wish to look at transits/particular themes and already have familiarity with your chart, a 60 minute consult can be tailored to your needs.

= $150


Three Course Meal: 90 minute session

* All of the above listed in the 60 minute consult is available.

* Meditation, Coaching, Yogastrology® & Reiki available.

* For clients who wish to access more than one modality or to cover more ground.

*Recommended for those who wish to do grounding visualizations, learn clearing, cleansing & protection techniques, & learn about New Moon/Full Moon rituals.

= $225


To book a session:

Contact me & we'll get you set up through PayPal.



             Q: Is it possible to do more than one session with you? Do you offer a bundle at a discount?

             A: Yes. You can do a bundle of 3 sessions that are good for 3 months. Instead of $150/session, you receive a discount of $135/session.


    Q: Is it possible to do a reading for myself and my loved one and get insight into our relationship?
    A: Yes:

    Relationship Analysis: Couples AND Parent/Child

    Do you want a deeper understanding of your loved one's wiring?

    How your energies and paths align?

    Identify harmonious areas and ones that need adjustments.

    We discuss each person’s chart.

    We consecrate time to the Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising sign.

    Deeper partner work available upon request including:

    * Synastry: when one chart is placed over the other chart to investigate where and how your energies align.

    *Composite: when two charts are blended and what emerges is the energy of the relationship.

    Couples charting can be done as counseling, for fun, to deepen the relationship and to support someone in need.

    Consults & written reports available.

    Inquire for fees. The investment depends on how much depth you desire. We''ll customize your consult/written guide.


    Q: What information do I need to supply?
    A: Your date, time and location of birth. Please supply these 24+ prior to meeting.
    Q: What if I don't know the time of my birth? Can we still look at my chart?
    A: Try to find the time on a birth certificate or ask a parent if possible. The closer you can get to the exact time, the more information I can give you. Try to narrow it down to at least a 3 hour window if possible.
    Q: I've done everything I can to find the time of my birth, but cannot. Is there anything you can do to help?
    A: I am able to rectify charts. This is a process by which you and I invest together to determine what feels right energetically for your Rising sign. It takes extra time, so sign up for a 90 minute session. It is actually a really fun process.
    Q: Is it possible to do a personalized Yogastrology® session based on my chart?
    A: Absolutely. These are a blast. I'll need to cast your chart so please send info as detailed above 24+ hours prior to meeting.
    Q: What is the cost for a 60 minute personalized Yogastrology® session?
    A: One hour is $225.
    Q: How do we meet?
    A: We meet with Zoom, a video conferencing platform much like Skype that allows us to record our session.
    Q: How do I pay?
    A: PayPal. Expect to include a few extra dollars to cover their fees.
    Q: I'd like to purchase a session for someone. Is that possible?
    A: Absolutely. I recommend gifting them with a standard reading, which is 60 minutes long.
    Q: I'd like to study astrology. Do you offer classes?
    A: I offer on-line courses every so often. They are archived below and you can still purchase them. If you'd like to do one on one tutorials with me, we can do so.
    Q: What if I need to cancel or reschedule?
    A: I ask for 48+ hours to reschedule a meeting unless there is an emergency.
    Q: Do you do refunds?
    A: Thank you for understanding that once you book a session with me, the transaction is final.

    If you have other questions, please feel free to reach out and ask. I look forward to working with you.


    More about my work & offerings


    Enter into a warm, welcoming space where you are accepted exactly as you are so that you may experience:


    astrological guidance:

    • identify your superpowers & pitfalls
    • uncover your soul's path
    • discover your karmic tool box of mastery
    • comprehend more deeply what nourishes & nurtures you & what you need to feel secure
    • clarify your goals & practical action steps to achieve them
    • understand how you are wired and how to best support your unique make up
    • chart reading for yourself, your loved ones & groups (details below)



    • calming guided meditations with visualization to diminish overwhelm, anxiety & stress 
    • grounding techniques to ease anxiety, panic attacks, overwhelm
    • learn how to establish boundaries
    • acquire skills to clear & cleanse your system



    Group and personalized mat sessions based on Yogastrology® are available. We look to where the sun and moon are in the sky.

    For example, if the Sun is in Pisces we focus on the Pisces body correlation of the feet and the Moon is in Virgo, we focus on the Virgo body correlation of the abdomen.

    I design a Hatha yoga sequence tailored to your level of yoga that includes the body correlations of the sky AND your particular make up. So if you are a Libra, we'll include wellness for the low back.

    No astrological or yoga knowledge necessary. Beginners welcome.

    This practice welcomes you and meets you where you are, exactly as you are.

    We can design a Yogastrology® experience of your desired length:

    - 60 or 90 minute class

    - 2 or 3 hour workshop

    - day long or weekend long retreat

    - 12 hour Yogastrology® Inititation training includes astrology workshop, mat time, ceremony and more including a diploma certifying you as a Yogastrology® Inspired Certified Instructor



    Cocktail party meets astrology workshop.

    Ideal for reunions, birthday parties, bachelor/ette parties and more.

    Imagine a wine glass in one hand, a notebook and pen in the other.

    I cast your charts in advance.

    I hand out a card with each person's sun, moon and rising signs.

    We take one to three hours (depending on how deep you want to go) to discuss.

    Get to know your loved ones on a deeper level.

    New ways and new language that help you connect and better understand one another while having a lot of fun.


    Reiki offerings:

    • support for adrenal fatigue, exhaustion & other physical ailments
    • an excellent way to reset, restore and calm the nervous system
    • standard reiki (in person or distance)
    • deluxe reiki:
      • Ocean Stars Reiki ~ calming ocean tunes mixed with me channeling the energy of the sky as my hands deliver universal healing energy (in person or via Skype)
    • reiki is often paired with yoga for a beautiful deep dive into healing bliss



    ready to take the next step


    Clients benefiting from Private Consultations are:

    • all ages from teenagers to retirees
    • individuals
    • couples
    • parent/child
    • families
    • groups of friends
    • business teams


    Seasonal Wellness package

    There is magic to Solstice and Equinox portals. Capricorn, Aries, Cancer & Libra rule these portals with their cardinal fortitude: they turn the wheel and initiate new seasons. Meeting during & utilizing these cycles is auspicious.

    We meet once per season to see what is popping in your chart and identify the energies of the sky available to you. Goal setting, predictability, structure and accountability support you leveling up in 2018.

    You'll receive:

    *4 sixty minute sessions: Crystalline, RoseTulip, SunBlaze, GoldenLeaf (meeting during Capricorn, Aries, Cancer & Libra respectively)

    *Email touch ins between sessions to reignite your momentum

    *A copy of the 2018 Star Report: "Earth Lotus" with 35 pages of prompts for journaling/reflection, pro-tips, yoga poses, golden portals, trends & more

    *A link to attend the 2018 Webinar: "Dancing with the Stars" on Wednesday, January 17 from 7-8pm Est on Zoom (recording available if desired)

    = Value of $750, available to you for $588


    3, 6, 12 month coaching packages

    My favorite offering by far.

    We establish a relationship that provides a safe, supportive container of nurturance with depth and longevity.

    Together we design a program that supports you and brings you clarity and insight as you begin this new year.

    You choose how much frequency & support feels right from a smorgasbord of options:

    *Coaching, Astrology, Reiki, Yogastrology®, Spiritual Guidance

    *Identify areas of your life to transform: Relationships, Work, Transitions, Spiritual Life & more

    *Weekly, Bi-weekly, or Monthly sessions

    *Optional Phone Support between sessions

    *Optional Email Support between sessions

    *A copy of the 2018 Star Report: "Earth Lotus" with 35 pages of prompts for journaling/reflection, pro-tips, yoga poses, golden portals, trends & more

    *A link to attend the 2018 Webinar: "Dancing with the Stars" on Wednesday, January 17 from 7-8pm Est on Zoom (recording available if desired)

    = Investment is customized based on amount of desired support. Set up a chat with me & we'll design it together.


    "2018 Star Report: The Earth Lotus" now available

    35 pages of cosmic guidance to help work with the cosmic mojo available to us.

    An easy to follow, personal, intimate guide written for everyone from the astro newbee to the wellseasoned star glider.

    Everything from trends you can expect to see to golden portals of opportunity to help you manifest your goals.

    From leveling up to fashion forward frolicking to water protection, it is all here.

    Packed with prompts for journaling/reflection, pro-tips, yoga poses, personal anecdotes and much more.


    2018 Star Report OVERVIEW:

    1.     Saturn in Capricorn

    2.     Jupiter in Scorpio

    3.     Jupiter in Sagittarius

    4.     Uranus in Taurus

    5.     All Planets Direct: Golden Portal

    6.     Retrogrades

    a)    Mars Rx (Rx = retrograde)

    b)   Venus Rx

    c)    Mercury Rx

    7.     Eclipses

    8.     Nodes of the Moon

    9.     Cosmic Calendar

    10.  Conclusion: Earth + Water


    recording available:

    "Webinar on the Astrology of 2018"

    I'm also offering a Live Recorded Webinar on Zoom:

    Wednesday, January 17 from 7-8pm Est

    Join us as we discuss and explore the astrology of 2018 in a very casual, fun, easy to access chatroom.

    No previous astrology knowledge needed.

    I will reference the 2018 Star Report.

    To get the most out of this Webinar, I recommend that you get a copy and read it prior to our meeting. You are of course welcome to tune in and simply enjoy the chat.

    Can't make that time? All good. You can still receive the recording of the gathering and get the full scoop.

    The recording is also great for those who want to review the material at a later time.


    2018 Star Report: $33

    2018 Webinar recording: $33

    BOTH for $55


    Looking for more support in 2018?
    If you invest in a Seasonal Wellness, 3, 6, & 12 month coaching package with me, you get both the Star Report & the Webinar for FREE.


    Order ONE:

    1) send $35 ($33 plus PayPal fee)

    2) specify purchase Star Report or attend Webinar

    Order BOTH:

    1) send $58 ($55 plus PayPal fee)


    (Please copy and paste this link into your browser. Thank you! It will not allow me to embed the link. I tried!)


    2018 Star Report:
    Send me your email address or the email address of the person you are gifting it to. It will be sent in PDF format via email.

    2018 Live Recorded Webinar:
    A link to the recording is available for you to listen at your leisure.



    Eclipse Webinars for women (those who identify as such)

    Let's hold sacred circle together on the Eclipses!


    Eclipses are 10x more powerful than New/Full Moons.

    So let's use the energy available to us.


    *drop deep into meditation

    *discuss the astrology of the heavens

    *share ritual on the Full Lunar Eclipse
    & New Moon Solar Eclipse.

    Those who wish can then continue the threads in the Facebook Moon Maven forum to share support & inspiration betwixt calls.

    Thereafter, it is my intention to hold New Moon Webinars so that we may set intentions & share ritual together as we build community & engage in sacred circle.

    ~ Eclipse Webinars Dates ~

    Join us for our next Sacred Circle:

    Thursday Feb 15 New Moon Eclipse Webinar

    7-8pm Est


    *open with a grounding meditation to set sacred space

    *dive deep into the energy of this New Moon: Aquarius
    *planetary co-rulers
    *body correlation
    *gentle Yogastrology® ~ casual yoga together ~ a pose or two to align with the energy (no mat needed, regular clothes are fine)

    *how to develop intentions that align with
    *the New Moon
    *a New Moon/Solar Eclipse
    *a South Node occurence

    *discussion & sharing about how the eclipses affect us

    *closing meditation

    Wish to be there but booked at that time? You can register and receive the recording.

    The recording will be available to all who register.


    This month is sliding scale as the Eclipse energies are kaflooey and we can all use a lil extra love.


    Limited work/study available. Please inquire if interested.

    Sistars, if you'd like to register, please send in fee directly to:

    Once payment is received, I'll send you a link to our Zoom meeting.

    This webinar will be a live recorded call and the recording will be available.

    I look forward to sharing sacred circle with you.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


    Yoga, Astrology & Wellness with Jen Waine
    Instagram: jen_waine

    "Don't move the way fear makes you move. Move the way love makes you move. Move the way joy makes you move." ~ Osho



    * * * *


    This course is now available in the format of an Ebook + 3 videos.

    For those who desire an introduction to astrology.

    An on-line astrology course called



      Have you been wanting to Taste the Sky?


     The Moon moves through all 12 zodiac signs in one month.

     The word “Month” is derived from “Moon."

    Main Dish

      Join me on a journey through the constellations as we taste all 12 zodiac signs.

      The Moon moves through one sign every 2 to 2 1/2 days.

      You receive an email every 2-3 days.

      Each email helps you align with the energies of the Moon during that window.

      You’ll get insight on the sign, the element, the planetary ruler & the body correlation.

      Tips on what nourishes you when & how to delight in the lunar moment.

      Taste the flavor of the emotional backdrop available to us all & gain a deeper understanding of cycles and how to flow with them.


      You’ll receive videos that only course members receive for the New Moon, Full Moon and Dark of the Moon.

      The videos contain rituals for each of these sacred portals during the lunation cycle.


    Nourish Your Moon ~

    3 videos

    12 emails

    Learn all 12 signs

    New Moon, Full Moon, Dark of the Moon wisdom


    => $108


    Personalize Your Learning ~

      Moon Shot:  Look to the moon placement in your natal chart to better understand what nourishes & nurtures you.

        => 20 minute consult, $35

      Sky Cocktail:  Moon Shot plus Sun Spritzer and Rising Ale.  Learn about your Moon, Sun and Rising signs in your natal chart.  Illumination of superpowers & pitfalls.

        =>  45 minute consult, $65

    (These special rates are only for Nourish Your Moon members.  Regular rates: 30 minutes is $75 and 60 minutes is $110.)


    Still hungry?

      I’ll provide information on: the best moon app out there, the best physical calendar and a highly accessible book for those who wish to delve deeper and become moon trackers.

    No previous astrology knowledge needed.

    We begin Thursday, May 25 (on the New Moon).


    To register:

    Email me at or hit the "Book Now" button below to shoot me an email and we'll get you set up.

    With sparkling anticipation ; )